L & L is your single international production and sourcing partner for your label's textiles, garments, apparel and accessories. L & L manages the full production and import sourcing chain from initial design concept to final delivery for retail apparel groups and private brand labels.

You can rely on L & L to meet your tight delivery schedules, to achieve your target price without sacrificing quality and provide you a high level of transparency on your order status. We hold offices in the US and Australia and are fluent in English. We are able to speak to you during the daytime, or meet face to face, to discuss your fashion design and manufacturing requirements.

We have product specialists in the team as well as international partners who are dedicated towards managing the supply chain process from product inception through to development, factory sourcing professionals, production planning and management, quality assurance to exporting dissemination.

Distribution cycle

“We are today's generation - forward thinkers in the industry!”

Complete sourcing to your door step
End to end service, from design, sampling, manufacture and import at very competitive prices
Our vendors are trusted suppliers; we guarantee your tech packs will be kept confidential
Fast turnaround of quality samples for review and modification
Fashion design and advisory services
Global shopping and trends, and access to a range of ready made patterns and designs for your brand
Ability to modify orders up or down throughout the season to control stock. We can work around your deadlines and meet your needs in any given situation.
Discontinued outlet
As an end-to-end supplier we can distribute your overstock and discontinued lines for a healthy return on your stock investment
Prequalified suppliers
Your link to socially and environmentally responsible suppliers of high quality
Our staff are bilingual and we believe in transparent communication is the key success winning our client's over

We provide...

  • Women and Mens Apparel.
  • Production.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Supply Chain Experts.
  • Factory direct.
  • Flexible minimums.
  • Internationally quality renowned.
  • Apparel.
  • Promotional items.
  • Uniforms.
  • Haute Couture.
  • * Branded goods overstock distribution outlet
  • ** Production Management Consultants
  • *** Quality Control Services